Friday, July 19, 2013

Catch Up + #backthatazzup

TGIF friends!  I'm sure you will hear read that a gazillion more times today because it's just how bloggers start off Friday posts.  But I am especially happy it's Friday considering yesterday I was almost late for work...again.  Waking up at 9am gives me a mini heart attack since I need to leave my house around 9:15am to make it to work.  The weekend = sleeping in for me!

I'm not really sure where I am going with this post so please bear with me.

Lately it seems like I post on Mondays and Tuesdays because those are days that I've scheduled posts from Sunday night.  I always have good intentions that I will blog during the week, usually at night after dinner.  But then it doesn't happen.  Even when I have my laptop I end up getting caught up on reading and commenting on blogs and then it's time for bed before I know it and I haven't written a post.

I would love to plan a week's worth of posts out on Sunday and schedule them all so I don't have to blog during the week and can just enjoy other's posts.  But at the same time I know that is not realistic for me.  I don't have a lot of topics I could write in advance about.  A lot of my stuff comes to me during the week.  And sadly blogging at work is out of the question lately.

I am definitely blogging for myself so there is no need to remind me of that.  I just can't seem to make time for blogging...or I don't want to?  It's like the weight loss thing all over again, if I want to do it I should just do it rather than making excuses for why I am not.

Speaking of weight loss...I wanted to weigh myself Wednesday morning but my Wii hasn't been working with the downstairs TV.  First I thought it was just the power source (don't even get me started on that) but I fixed that issue and then discovered I couldn't get a picture on the TV.  I don't want to move the Wii back to the living room upstairs because that's the most used TV in the house which makes it hard to find a time when I can use the Wii without feeling guilty about hogging the TV.  My best course of action I think is to clean my room so I can move my Wii into my bedroom.  Cleaning my room isn't necessary for moving the Wii itself but it is necessary if I want to use the Wii Fit in there.

And because I didn't weigh myself I didn't post for Weigh In Wednesday.

Thursdays are Non-Scale Victory link up days...again I meant to post because I've been drinking 10 glasses (80 fl.oz.) of water and having NO Mountain Dew (or any soda) every day this week, minus Monday.  Coming from a Mountain Dew addict that's a pretty huge victory!

At least I'm here for Whitney's #backthatazzupfriday link up.  Sorry that you guys got such a random post from me to go along with the awesomeness that is this link up.  I'll work on it for next week. :)
I have definite plans to make a work out play list and you know I will be putting this song on it!  How can you not love 3 of country music finest men teaming up to sing one great song?!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!
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  1. Don't be just puurfect , be YOU , it won't hurt you , ever.
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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