Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blogger Book Club: Olive Kitteridge

I was feeling really pumped up about blogging again last week and then this week I just sort of lost my mojo. Monday I worked 11 hours and didn't get home until almost 11pm and since then I've just been off.  My apologies to Kelley for missing the Grey's Anatomy link up on Monday. And then I didn't link up with Jenn to share my November goals {I have a plan for how I can recover that one though}. Oh yeah, and I missed linking up for Weigh In Wednesday yesterday {you'll probably see that happen tomorrow}.

The Best of Intentions

Despite all of those broken plans for blogging earlier this week there was one thing I knew I didn't want to miss.  The Blogger Book Club link up to review October's book, Olive Kitteridge, went live last week and I wasn't even done with the book. I had to renew my library loan on it so I would have time to finish it. And after plowing through most of it Sunday afternoon I finally finished it last night!

I won't lie to you, this book was waaaay outside of my comfort zone. I definitely would have never picked up this book to read on my own. But I am thankful to the BBC for opening my eyes to something new.

That being said, this book was tough for me to get into. It took me a whole month to read 270 pages, which is definitely not the norm for me.  Overall I thought the book was okay but I definitely didn't love it and I won't read it a second time.

Sunday Night Football and a book = my kind of lazy Sunday

Part of my struggle to really like this book was how differently the story was written.  Each chapter was really like a new short story about someone in town.  At some point during each story Olive Kitteridge is mentioned as she is in some way part of each story.  The real kicker was the fact that all of these stories were sad and had no light at the end of the tunnel.

I also struggled with finding the overall point of the book.  I don't know that I found one but maybe I just missed it.

And because I'm all about being honest here on Living n Learning I will tell you straight up that I would not recommend this book to someone.


November's book has actually been on my to-read list on Goodreads for a while now.  I'm really excited to start reading and I don't foresee it taking me a month to finish it either.

Our lovely leader Kay has chosen The Book Thief by Markus Zusak as November's book because the movie version comes out November 8th. Hey! That's tomorrow!

The link up date has already been set for Tuesday November 26th.  I hope you run out and grab your copy of The Book Thief soon so you can link up and share your thoughts later this month.

And with that, I'm outta here!
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  1. I got through this book pretty slowly too. I thought it would be faster since it really only a collection of short stories, but I didn't really want to read it all that much. Too morose for me!

  2. Agree, agree, agree! I just.. didn't like it. I tried so hard to like it, but it just wasn't happening. I'm way, way more excited for the next BBC book!


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