Monday, November 11, 2013

Grey's Anatomy: Two Against One

First of all, thank you veterans past and present for your service and sacrifices!

Now let's talk about Grey's Anatomy.

Thursday's episode Two Against One had me all kinds of frustrated.

Something is going on with Bailey without a doubt.  She has some obsessive behaviors; something with pulling on her fingers, not adapting to a change in what OR she'll be operating in, and being extremely thorough when closing her patient. But then at the end of the episode it was like they wanted you to doubt that there was something wrong with her when she actually found rotting apples in Tuck's soccer bag despite Ben not being able to smell it earlier in the day.  But then they hammered it home that there has to be something wrong with Bailey because she went crazy with pulling on her fingers.

Think this is something to do with Ben quitting the program he was in to come home?
Or maybe this has something to do with whatever she had when her patients were dying after she operated on them?

Either way I was like w-t-f is going on here?!

Ross & Yang
Ross aka sharky is kicking butt lately! This week he came up with a way to save a baby's life. Only problem is it requires using Meredith's 3D printer. I'm really liking Yang as a mentor to Ross but it still bugs the crap out of me that Ross hasn't come clean about what happened with Brooks!

Cristina & Meredith
This relationship is frustrating me the most out of everything going on right now! The two talk abut it's definitely not the Cristina and Meredith talk we're used to. And quite honestly I'm not a big fan of Meredith right now.

Meredith is being reckless and trying to push too hard in surgeries, which Alex figures out is because of her desire to prove that she's a great surgeon. But then we have Derek swooping in at the end and justifying her thoughts on what she wanted to do. Ugh! In this situation I think Derek needs to get the facts before blindly backing his wife.

Cristina caved to using the 3D printer without Meredith's permission after trying to do the right thing. Obviously Meredith is pissed when she finds her liver model on the table and Cristina and Ross using her 3D printer for their own thing. I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end to Cristina and Meredith...

The Rest
The rest of what's going on is filler right now in my opinion.

April & Matthew consider having sex before marriage but they decide on waiting after all.
Richard saves his neighbor after refusing to get up and walk with her the whole episode. He now has a new story to tell rather than the old ones he's been repeating.
Arizona removes her wedding ring before joining Leah in the shower.
Owen hopes his new lady Emma will take a job at the hospital.
Callie interviews Emma and the conversation gets a bit more intimate about relationships and life.
Emma decides she can't take the job because the staff would have Owen's back if anything happened between them.

So what am I all kinds of frustrated about?
This thing with Bailey came out of no where and we don't know what's going on with her. Plus how she acts is just frustrating the crap out of me. It's like she knows something is wrong but she's being defensive about it.
Cristina and Meredith should not be feuding but they are. And Meredith's attitude is just wrong. This reminds me of when she was seeing a therapist in season 4 but worse.
And Derek blindly supporting Meredith's opinion of what she could do during surgery, just ugh! While I get that as a husband you should have your wife's back, but when you're doctors you should have all the facts before doing so, in my opinion.

What do you think is wrong with Bailey?
Is this the beginning of the end for Cristina and Meredith?

I just found out that the lovely founder of the Grey's Anatomy link up, Kelley from One Hot Southern Mess, had a rough technology week this last week. First her computer at work crashed and then her personal computer crashed as well. Because of this the linky is not open for collection. If you do write a post and wish to link up, leave the link to your post in the comments!
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  1. first thing i thought of when i saw bailey doing that was BRAIN TUMOR!! which i hope isn't true because i love her!

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