Sunday, November 10, 2013

5 for Five: November Goals

Happy Sunday evening friends! I'm finally getting my blogging butt in gear and sharing with you my November goals. Go me!

Party of One

Remember when I mentioned using the notebook Ricci gave me as part of the Falling Into Fall swap as a physical journal of my monthly goals and weekly updates on how I'm doing? I'm actually doing it! Again, go me!

I came up with five goals for the month of November. I tried to cover a little bit of everything in my life and I think I did I good job of it.

1.Get my healthy lifestyle on track.
  • Meal plan for the week ahead.
  • Hit the gym at least three times a week.
  • Drink at least 64oz of water per day.
  • Lose at least 3 pounds.
2. Wake up and get out of bed by 7am at least three times a week.
3. Put more time and effort into blogging.
4. Clean my bathroom and room, then keep it that way.
5. Read four books.

  • The Book Thief {November's BBC book}
  • The Single Woman's Survival Guide: Letting Go and Moving On
  • Serena
  • ?????

Evidently I sent a few more goals than just five since getting my healthy lifestyle on track has four sub-goals.

But besides the lengthy list I definitely think this is doable.

Sadly I was off to a bad start last week.  I think I first made this list of goals Monday morning, four days into November. But then on top of that I let working 11 hours that day get in the way of accomplishing pretty much anything besides downloading The Book Thief on my Kindle and kind of beginning to read it. Yes, that's a big fat excuse because working 11 hours one day does not mean I could not have been successful the remaining four days of the week.

That being said I will not let one week of poor decisions hold me back from making better ones these next three weeks. I'm looking forward to being successful in achieving these goals and am hopeful that one good month will turn into two and then three and so on. I need to get some good momentum going in my life!

I will see you all back here tomorrow to talk all things Grey's Anatomy with Kelley from One Hot Southern Mess!
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  1. Good goals for the month! I completely failed to grocery shop and meal plan last week, which meant a lot of eating out. Even healthy choices when dining out are a lot more caloric than healthy meals I make myself! Cue me getting on track this week by dragging my lazy butt to the grocery store so I have NO excuses for bad eating this week. I can tell you one thing, I'll definitely be making this recipe:

    Good luck this month! :)

  2. I need to read the single woman book too! And the book thief!

  3. Great goals! I think I need to pick up a copy of that single woman book1


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