Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday: Brain Dump

TGIF! Despite being up early {before 8am} this morning I'm still in a pretty damn good mood because of a little something called PTO. That's right, I get to leave at 6pm tonight rather than 7pm. It's the little things in life really...

I decided to link up for 5 on Friday because I kind of have a handful of things I wanted to talk about and this seemed like the easiest way to get it done.

I woke up rather late Wednesday so I was going to skip my weigh in. But I changed my mind as I was starting to get ready. I just had to make it happen, regardless of if I had time or not.
Starting Weight {highest weight recorded}: 207.7
Today's Weigh In, Oct. 30: 204.8
Loss: 1.1
Overall Loss: 2.9

I need to ramp up my reading time ASAP!
I still haven't finished October's Blogger Book Club book, Olive Kitteridge. The link up went live yesterday. {Check out Kay's blog for a review and to link up!}
I also have Serena on my Kindle waiting for me. {Being made into a movie with Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence, sign me right up!}
And I'm obsessed with The Single Woman right now and cannot wait until I pull the trigger and purchase her book!

November is here! November = Thanksgiving = Chelsea comes home!
I actually used another hour of PTO on an upcoming Friday so I can drive to Madison to pick her and the hubs up from the airport.
And then I went and used a whole day of PTO on the following Monday so I can actually spend time with my BFF rather than be at work the whole time she's home.
Having a long distance BFF sucks big time. But we're making it work.

I'm excited to say that I feel like I'm back in my blogging groove. I may have missed a day or two this week but overall I still feel really excited to blog and like I want to put more time and effort into posting each week.
To celebrate I purchased an ad spot on Party of One.
And speaking of Jenn and her blog, she hosts 5 for Five a weekly link up {read all about it here} that I'm looking forward to participating in during November.
Party of One

I'm also excited to say that I'm finding new blogs to follow almost daily. It's almost unfair how many awesome blogs there are because there is just no way that I can follow them all!
I wanted to share with you some of my most recent finds...
I actually swapped buttons with Jess from Livin' on Sweet Tea.
Living On Sweet Tea
And then there is Autumn from The Unreal Life.
The Unreal Life
Stop over and say hi if you haven't already. :)

And that my friends about covers all that is going on in my head this Friday morning.

I'm off to get ready for work and put in my eight seven hours. Hopefully those seven hours just fly by because tonight is Fish Fry Friday around these parts. To make that even better, my grandma and grandpa will be joining my parents and I {maybe my brother?}. Yay for family time!
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  1. I want to get the Single Woman's book too! She is amazing!

  2. You go girl-- proud of your weight loss so far!! I've been ramping up my reading time this week (trying to re-read the first two Divergent books before I dive headfirst into the third). I forget how much I love to read-- but looking forward to cozying up with my book this weekend :)

  3. such a fun 5! Thanks for the shout!


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