Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: I've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

Pretty Strong Medicine

Woot Woot it's HUMP DAY!

Sadly, this hump day feels like a Tuesday since Monday I was off thanks to Veterans Day. And then Tuesday had to go and be a Monday impersonator, making me stay late at work and everything!

But I'm not going to let that bring me down. I'm going to have a positive attitude today!

The stats for Weigh In Wednesday:
Starting Weight {highest weight recorded}: 207.7
Oct. 30 Weigh In: 204.8
Nov. 6 Weigh In: 204.8
Today, Nov. 13 Weigh In: 207
Gain: 2.2
Overall Loss: 0.7

Those stats aren't pretty but they're real life.
I haven't been focused on healthy eating or working out so I knew it was going to happen.
I strongly dislike my starting weight and if I gain next week I will be so upset with myself. So the goal is to not gain any more! I'll take no change on the scale but I will not allow a gain next week.

That being said, I need to focus and start doing what needs to be done to achieve one of my November goals. It was the first goal I made, get my healthy lifestyle back on track. I can do it, that I know without a doubt. But right now things aren't looking promising unless I pull my head out of my ass and do something about it.

I didn't meal plan this week but I can still make smart choices about what I'm eating.
I haven't been to the gym yet but there is still time.
I drank water like it was going out of style yesterday and I plan to again today.
I can do this!

One thing I know that's lacking and would help me A LOT is a buddy. I know it has to be my choice to make the changes necessary but a buddy to check in on me doesn't hurt. It helps me to know that someone is going to check in with me. I don't want to tell them that I failed at going to the gym or that I ate like crap all day.

Any volunteers? :)

I'll leave you with the inspiration for my blog title today.
I've lost that loving feeling with the gym. Anyone want to help me find it?

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  1. Sorry about the gain this week. I had one too. I did the same, we didn't meal plan last week and I just made a ton of poor choices lately and (of course) I paid the price on the scale this morning. Back on track this week (hopefully for both of us!) We can do this, girl!


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