Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Struggle Is Real


Last night was a rough one as far as sleep was concerned. After getting sucked into the end of a book {because that's when it gets really good don't ya know?} then realizing that my FitBit was dead and frantically running around my place looking for the charger. And deciding once said charger was found that I couldn't sleep without my FitBit to track my sleep so I started a new book to pass the time. Before I knew it it was almost 1am and I was just deciding that I better get to sleep with a half charged FitBit if I wanted to run in the morning.

Fast forward to this morning, I was so close to saying f&%$ this shit and sleeping in. But I dug deep and thought about what all of my supporters would say to me if they knew I was being a lazy bum and wanting to stay in bed instead of run on a perfectly good Thursday morning. I am pretty sure I dragged my own self out of bed at that point. {I'm picturing a ghost like version of myself being up and pulling me from bed.}

And now that it's over I am so glad I just got up and did the damn thing. I do not doubt the power of a work out after what just happened in roughly 30 minutes. I went from being dead tired and grumpy about pulling myself from my nice warm, comfy bed to run to being in such a good mood that I thought today was Friday. {Because good moods on work days are only appropriate on Fridays, right?}

This map looks so much better than the one I posted from the actual app to Instagram, no?
Shameless plug time...if you want to follow me on Instagram and see what I mean about the difference in the way the maps from Nike+ look you can follow me here.

And thanks to the pretty button at the beginning of this post you know I'm linking up to share my non-scale victory today. If you haven't picked up on it yet my NSV for this week is that while the struggle is real each and every morning I decide to get up early and start pounding the pavement I'm doing the damn thing! Crazy what actually {dare I say} enjoying my work out can do. Sure my runs haven't been exactly on schedule right now but I'm still getting them done and not totally hating the experience. Much better than I could say for the 30 Day Shred.

What's your NSV for the week?

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  1. Wonderful NSV!!! I REALLY need to try to get up and get it done (especially with the running) before it gets too hot here.

  2. good for you! I am NOT a morning person. Glad you found something that is working for you!

  3. I'm proud of you for getting up and going today! I wish I'd been able to. My goal is to at some point today. Keep it up!

  4. You impress me, girl! :) And I felt that same way this morning when I got to work after my morning workout. It makes me feel like a Friday and I feel bad for all of the co-workers dragging their feet and dying for the coffee injection.

  5. I want a fitbit so bad. Congrats on the run & the sleeping.

  6. Great job getting out of bed and getting it done! That is so hard. I know exactly what you mean about staying up to read! Staying up with a book you can't put down is the best...the getting up not so much! Thanks for linking up!


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