Friday, April 11, 2014

5 on Friday

Before beginning to type this I was sitting on my bed staring at this white screen cursing myself for not jotting down those ideas I had earlier in the week because right now I feel fresh out of ideas to put down.

Okay, I'm still cursing myself.

Anyways I'm sure I'll come up with something once I get this party started.

{ONE} Remember this post about seventy-five in twenty fourteen? For a while it seemed like I wasn't interested in reading any more and hadn't really been making progress on my reading challenge. Now all of a sudden it's like I only want to read. I've managed to knock out 16 of 75 books but am still four books behind schedule. I'm sure I'll catch up in no time at the rate I'm going though. I'm reading number 17 and have number 18 on hand ready to go. Curious what I'm reading? Head on over to my GoodReads page to check it out.

{TWO} I am just 14 days away from a week long vacation to see my bestie in Maryland. Who has two thumbs and is super excited? This girl! As if visiting my best friend for a week wasn't enough we're also going to the Richmond International Raceway for the Toyota Owners 400 {NASCAR race} straight from the airport. I am beyond excited about this. Hurry up vacation!

{THREE} Speaking of a week long vacation, would anyone be interested in guest posting for me while I am gone?? The topic is open to whatever you want to share with us. Let me know if you're interested!

{FOUR} The weather in Wisconsin is finally getting its act together and it has been super nice. And yet I'm just not ready to put away the flannel sheets for the year. I put my cute and cuddly penguins on my bed for one last time this morning. We'll see how long this lasts before I'm too warm at night to even sleep.

{FIVE} I'm headed home this weekend {as I do every weekend} so I can see my sweet boy. Not seeing him every day is probably the hardest part since I moved out. I definitely try to make the most of my visits home but sometimes that darn pup just won't cooperate and let me smother him for hours.

And speaking of going home I better get moving if I want to pack anything to avoid having to stop at my apartment after work! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. I always pack early so I dont have to stop home and waste time. I'm always in such a rush. Have fun!

  2. Have fun this weekend - I love puppy snuggles more than anything!

  3. I miss my puppy! Have a great time in MD!


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