Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Winter Wednesday

Oh Wednesday, you're not really a friend of mine this morning. Sure, sleeping in was great but waking up to seeing more snow on the ground and it's still falling from the sky just put a huge frown on my face. Winter Wednesday, you can go kick rocks!

But on the bright side, it's Weigh In Wednesday and I have some good news to share!

Starting Weight: 207.7
Today's Weigh In, Apr 16: 205.0
Loss: 0.7
Overall Loss: 2.7

If you recall last week I had gained slightly so you can imagine how happy I was to see that I lost that slight gain plus a half pound! Looks like I'm back on track guys!

Now a quick update on where I'm at with my fitness and diet.

I had a plan for running this week and it looks like mother nature is deciding that it wasn't a good idea. If you were here yesterday for Tough It Out Tuesday you know that I ran on sidewalks that were not shoveled after Sunday night's snow showers. It wasn't ideal and I really hoped I wouldn't have to do it again. Sadly it has snowed again and it is predicted to keep snowing through tonight. So while the forecast for Thursday has looked good all week it seems like my running route won't be in such great conditions. I may have toughed it out Tuesday and completed my run it also wasn't the most safe conditions for me to be running and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Which includes myself. As much as it frustrates me I will be putting my running on hold if the sidewalks remain in poor condition.

Huge thank you to everyone who commented on last week's WIW post with suggestions for how I could make some changes to my diet! I went to the grocery store on Sunday with a list of better choices and even did a little meal prep that evening. Things have been going well with the diet as a result. The hard part though is that I think I underestimated how much food I really need in a week. I might need to make a second trip to the grocery store for a few more things to eat. Lesson learned I guess!

How do you know how much to buy at the grocery store if you're not following an exact recipe?
For those of you runners that contend with winter, any tips for not letting the snow stop me?

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  1. Congrats on the loss girl, that's great!! And I'm SO in the same boat as you with the weather. I'm in Maine and it's been SO nice the last few days... aaaand then I woke up to snow this morning. Ughh, so ready for it to be over!

  2. Yay for losing!! New follower here! found you on WIW!

  3. Nice job girl! What do you plan to do instead of running outside - are there any home exercises you're curious about that you could do instead? :) We can find a way to sweat!

  4. this weather totally sucks now a days. esp around here. i can imagine with snow but if we got hit with snow I'd be happy and go make thousands of snow angels b/c we rarely get snow.

    Just letting you know I'm following you. Would to have you come check me out and hopefully follow me back

  5. Congrats on the loss--- awesome girl!! I've dealt with more than enough (way too much, in fact) snow in Chitown this winter, so I'm well versed in snow running. My tip? You CAN run in the snow-- it's the ice that'll get ya. I've definitely run in both freshly fallen dustings and firmly packed snow. As long as you watch out for black ice, the snow doesn't have to stop you :)

  6. I never follow recipes...but it usually works out for me :) Nice loss this week!

  7. I like to improvise with recipes... I have a recipe for a guide, but usually substitute and add stuff. Great job with the loss. I just layer up and hope I don't freeze to death - I am a wimp and will run when the temp is over 32 degrees (and sunny lol)


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