Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Diet Help Needed!

Pretty Strong Medicine

Starting Weight: 207.7
Today's Weigh In, Apr 9: 205.7
Gain: 0.2
Overall Loss: 2.0

I don't really have a lot to report this week. A gain of less than half a pound really isn't a gain in my book so I'm taking this weigh in as staying the same. But here's a look at where I'm at with my fitness and diet.

I skipped out on running this morning. And by the looks of the weather forecast that probably wasn't my smartest idea. At best I will get in a run tomorrow and then have to wait until Monday since it's supposed to rain all weekend. I'll stay optimistic though that it won't be raining when I want to run.

As far as my diet goes I've been eating less which is probably a huge part of the slow loss I've been seeing the last couple of weeks. But I know I'm not choosing the best foods to fuel my body or eating less calories in the most healthy way. I want to do more than just eat less calories than I burn. I want to fuel my body with good healthy foods. Something I have never really done. So I need your help figuring out this diet thing. {I'm not referring to diet in terms of restricting foods and what not.}

Any tips for grocery shopping for healthy foods on a budget?
How do you build your meal plan for the week?
How do I ease myself into eating clean? I'm afraid to try and go full out right from the start.

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  1. Start small. Choose one or two things you want to incorporate a week at a time. Eat lean meats, lots of fruits and vegetables, and very little carbs--or processed foods. I don't eat clean, just low carb, but I am thinking eventually I will switch to clean, and it won't be so hard because I've been low carb for about 3 months. I don't buy into the protein shake hype, or pills, or other weight loss aids. Just plain old eating better and exercise. I plan out my meals each weekend for the next week, and grocery shop on Sat or Sun. I usually pick 2 breakfasts and alternate during the week, and 2-3 lunches, same with dinner. So I'm eating the same foods that week, just not everyday. If you don't buy all the extra junk, it's really not more expensive to eat healthy. You can always email me if you have other questions--happy to help a girl out:)

  2. I look for healthy recipes on Pinterest and healthy cookbooks that sounds delicious to me. Then I buy only what I need for those meals, breakfast, and lunches to pack. There are lots of ways that you can get creative and use ingredients that can be used for two or three meals. :) Try and plan similar things days together so that you can maximize your usage.

  3. What the other ladies have said! Just start with small, attainable changes, and make sure you load up on fruits for snacks rather than sweets.

  4. FACT: Runs in the rain are 110% more badass than runs not in the rain. And it's actually kindof fun! As long as it's not a torrential downpour, you're showering after anyway, so what's the harm? Consistency is your friend for running-- you need to plan your life around your runs, not vice versa (and I am the champ of trying to put things off). If I snooze through my AM run, I am NOT ALLOWED to sit on the couch and watch TV until I do my run after work.

    For eating, I think you need a game plan. From the looks of MFP, you're eating most (if not all) of your calories during standard mealtimes. I'd suggest lowering you calories during meals so you can incorporate more healthy snacks. This will keep your metabolism burning more consistently throughout the day, and stop you from feeling GAH SO HUNGRY after work because it's been hours and hours since you last ate. Stock up on healthy snacks that include protein and fruits/veggies (think: PB + apple, string cheese + carrots, hummus + cucumber) because they pack more nutritional punch than starches. If food is going to be a temptation to you at home (chips, cookies, pop tarts, whatever), don't buy it in the store. Also, I gave some of my favorite "lazy girl meals" on my blog that are super easy (because I am lazy), but good for you :)

  5. Don't beat yourself up that you didn't run this morning - that's okay!

    My recommendation is stay on the outsides of the grocery store (don't go down the aisles). This is where you're find your fresh fruits, veggies and meats - all the things your body is screaming at you for!

    I'm a huge believer in meal prep for several reasons:

    1. Time Saving
    2. Helps me stay on track!
    3. Portion Control
    4. I eat a TON (of the good stuff!)

    Stick around my blog, I'll be sharing some meal prep stuff because it's part of my lifestyle - but in the meantime this girl has a great meal planning link up!

    Jessi @ Not the Average Bear

  6. Start small. I buy a lot of vegetables in the frozen section - I like fresh veggies, but sometimes grabbing the frozen ones on sale are cheaper. I buy chicken when it is on sale every few weeks and I wrap the breasts individually and freeze them. It is much easier than trying to use the chicken you bought at the beginning of the week.

    You can do this girl :)


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