Friday, June 14, 2013

#backthatazzup + Birthday Celebration Goody Bag Giveaway!

Hey there!  I wanted to check in real quick before I'm off to the land of no cell reception for a weekend getaway in the northwoods of Wisconsin.  And how could I miss #backthatazzupfriday?!  You're right, I couldn't!
This song is just what I need right now.  I'm getting away this weekend and am going to be DONE with Trouble.

This song caught my attention when it was used during commericals for The Vampire Diaries and then I heard it on 90210.  I'm now kind of hooked on it!  Not my usual music but that's okay!

Now on to some awesome stuff!

This goody bag giveaway has been going on since Wednesday and I've had a lot of new followers here on the blog, Twitter, and Instagram thanks to it.  [Hello everyone!  Hope you pull up a seat and stay awhile!]  I hope everyone takes a second to enter into the giveaway for the goody bag(s) that catch your eye!

Hi Everyone!
My name is Jenn & I blog over at Party of One
Butttttt since today I'm celebrating the 5th anniversary of my 21st birthday. 
AKA I'm turning 26...eek! 
I've decided to turn this into ONE, HUGE PARTY! 
I wanted to celebrate ALL OF YOU by hosting an awesome, fun, super amazing prize filled giveaway!

Think of it this're here parting with me, having a glass of wine (or whatever you're drinking as you read this!) &]you (probably!) get to leave with an lovely goody bag given to you by one of my beautiful, bloggy friends- including the host of this blog! 
There are a whole bunch of prizes...and for every prize there will be a DIFFERENT winner. Let's face it, your chances of "going home" with a goody bag are quite good!!
Take a look below, check out what some of these FUN prize packages are and then get to entering!
PS- there is a separate entry for EACH prize! Enter them all, enter a few...sit back and wait to be the big winner of one of these fabulous prize packages!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway



And FINALLY you are entered to win the grand prize- a hand picked, prize packed but together by yours truly!

A mystery! You'll just have to see what it could POSSIBLY be!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for entering and THANK YOU for making this a FABULOUS, better than I ever could have dreamed of first year of blogging.

All, all, all of my love.

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  1. Honestly, any of them -- they are all great!!!


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