Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Hello friends!

Once again it's Monday so we're all sad that the weekend is over.  But thanks to the lovely Sami {Sami's Shenanigans} we get to relive the weekend by sharing our Weekend Shenanigans.
Sami's Shenanigans

Since my birthday fell on a Tuesday this year I decided to celebrate with friends on Friday.  I started the day off with getting my hair cut and had my hair guy style it for me so I didn't need to worry about it.  And I thought ahead and did a pony so my hair was pulled back.
The Pin I showed my hair guy.

My parents took me to dinner at Homestead for a fish fry which was amaze-balls as always.

They headed home around 9pm and that's when the party started for me.  I finally had my first {and second and third} shot of Fireball whiskey.  Holy yum!

Homestead has "after 9 Friday drink specials" which included $2.50 single Captain drinks so I strayed from my usual drink of choice to take advantage of the special.  In hindsight it probably wasn't my smartest choice.  But you live and learn, right?

Thanks to some friends I found my way home around 3:30am.  After dropping a contact in my intoxicated state and a short lived search party for it I hit the hay.

One of my cousins graduated from high school earlier this month so I went with my parents to her graduation party.

It was a rough start to the day.  My mom kept telling me I still had the Captain flowing through my bloodstream but I just told her I was feeling sassy.  Who knows which was actually true.

After chatting with family for a couple of hours and enjoying some lunch we headed home where I made an indentation in the leather recliner.  Surprisingly I didn't take a nap.

I did enjoy some reading time.  For some reason I couldn't get into Pandemonium and I started reading a book we're borrowing from my grandpa.

Being a NASCAR fan isn't just for southern rednecks.

I spent Sunday catching up on my blog reading, looking into Erin Elizabeth Designs, and flat out relaxing when I wasn't working on laundry.

I thought about cleaning my room.

But then I think, mmm...better not.

Well I should have and I need to but yeah, just wasn't feeling it.

Kind of like I'm not feeling work right now but I guess I can't change that.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I thought that my night of staying out til 1:30 was good...but 3:30, wow! Happy birthday! (Was yours on the 18th or is it tomorrow? Mine was on the 17th!)


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