Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Calling all Grey's Anatomy fans!

Happy Tuesday peeps!  I have to say I hope Tuesday treats me better than Monday did because yesterday was not fun.  Work was kind of hellish for 3 hours and I was about ready to lose it!  Fingers crossed I'm not assigned to files again this week because after yesterday I need a break.  But moving on...

Fall is my favorite season for a couple reasons.  The big reasons being the cooler temperatures and TV season premieres.  There is nothing more perfect than being able to wear a hoodie, jeans, and a pair of flip flops and not roast my ass off or freeze my tootsies off.  And then to be able to come home at night and actually have something to watch on TV and to be excited about it, it's perfect.

It seems everyone is doing a fall TV lineup post of the shows that they're watching...I may need to jump on that bandwagon.  But maybe I won't because if I told you how many TV series I'm into you might think I'm cray cray.

However, there is one show I'm more than okay with spilling my love for here on the blog and that's Grey's Anatomy.  Believe it or not, I don't think I actually watched it from the beginning on TV.  I joined in late in the first or even second season.  Don't worry, I own seasons 1 through ?? {not even sure how many seasons I have. I need help!} on DVD so I have watched it all from the beginning.  In fact I'm doing that right now and am in season 3 currently.

I distinctly remember watching season 3 as it was on TV because when that fairy boat disaster happened I was telling my mom during every commercial break that Meredith couldn't die because the show was called Grey's Anatomy and how could they have a show without the namesake actually in it?  Well my reasoning was right because she didn't die and we're now on season 10.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  The wonderful Kelley from One Hot Southern Mess blogged about last week's season premiere and had the genius idea to start a link up all about Grey's Anatomy for all of you Grey's lovers out there.  Being the Grey's lover that I am I jumped at the chance to co-host this link up with her.

So here I am, letting y'all know that on Monday October 7th the Grey's Anatomy link up with Kelley and I will go live for you to post about Grey's Anatomy and link up with us!  Kelley had the genius idea to make Monday our link up day so everyone has a chance to watch the latest episode.  I know I don't always watch the latest episode the night of any more thanks to my DVR.

I hope I see all of you Grey's Anatomy fans linking up with us and sharing what you thought of the latest episode.  I may even take notes so I don't miss anything.


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