Monday, October 28, 2013

Grey's Anatomy: Map of You

It's after 9pm on Monday and I am finally sitting down to blog about Grey's Anatomy from Thursday. To say I had a bad case of the Mondays is an understatement. It started with not wanting to get out of bed {which is extra toasty warm thanks to my flannel sheets} and went right into a crazy work day thanks to it being Monday and having technical issues with our computer system. What got me through the day was knowing that I could come home and relax by watching Dancing With The Stars. {MNF actually won most of the evening but I did see the group dances at the end and the shocking goodbye to Snooki which meant Bill stayed. Say what?!} And it only got better from there knowing that I could blog about another show I love, Grey's Anatomy.

As I mentioned before I didn't want to get out of bed but when I finally did all I could think about was the fact that I still had not watched Grey's from Thursday.
So enough of my babble about my Monday...let's get to the good stuff shall we?

I'm waiting for the confession to end all confessions from Ross right now. They've been playing up his guilt in every episode since Brooks died and I'm just waiting for it to be too much for Ross to handle. The fact that he told Shepard that he didn't want to work with him any more is just the tip of the iceberg. Like c'mon man just talk to someone about it already! But while he's dealing with all of this guilt he's getting brownie points with Cristina so I guess it's not all bad for Ross right now.

Alex & Jo
Alex has been avoiding Jo which has Jo worried he's seeing someone else. Turns out he has just been going to a dive bar to watch his dad play who he knows is his dad thanks to Jo. {Anyone else find this kind of ironic?} I kept waiting for the news to drop that Alex's dad isn't really his dad buuut that would mean something was wrong with the paternity test so I knew it wouldn't really happen. But that whole second family thing threw me for a loop. I was expecting Alex's dad to pull out a picture of Alex as a kid. Of course Alex punched him right in the face...which lead to maybe a flicker of realization in his dad's eyes. Hopefully this leads to the end of this whole secret "I know you're my dad" thing going on. And I really hope that this isn't the end to Alex and Jo but it wouldn't surprise me with Jo's past for her to say screw you to Alex for being so angry, angry enough to throw a glass against the wall in front of her.

Meredith & Derek/Cristina
Being the amazing Doctor McDreamy that he is, Derek finds a solution to the problem he and Meredith have been having about being doctors and parents. He'll cut back on his surgeries and focus more on the research he's been doing with Callie which will give him more time to be with the kids allowing Meredith to focus on being a rock star surgeon and her research. Meredith is taking her mother's unfinished research idea in a new direction and is super focused when Cristina comes to talk to her about the kiss she witnessed between Owen and his new lady friend Emma after she spilled the beans to Emma about being Owen's ex-wife. Surprise surprise, Meredith is still ticked at Cristina from the last episode when Cristina let her have it about being not as great of a surgeon as she is because she decided to be a mom. So far they've been pretty civilized conversations despite the harsh words in my opinion so I'm not quite sure if this is just two best friends being brutally honest with each other or if this is leading to the end of Meredith and Cristina...

Leah & Arizona
Apparently Leah and Arizona had a make out session and I missed it?! Not sure if I'm just not interested in this story line right now which leads to me not really paying attention to these two or what. So Leah falls hard and fast for Arizona while Arizona is not on the same page at all. Or is she? We end the episode with her essentially booty calling Leah with a text while she's laying in bed. By the way, didn't know Leah was gay but according to her it's a sliding scale, like what? I'm kind of lost in this whole thing.

A patient who comes in for a broken ankle turns out to have an inoperable tumor on his heart. Or at least it was inoperable until he came to the Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital. {that's the name now, right?} Like I mentioned before Ross is earning brownie points with Cristina and comes up with the idea to glue the tumor to prevent it from growing and eventually killing the patient. Sad news for the patient and his wife though since they were counting on his life insurance money to pay for all of the debt they're racking up living out the rest of their lives together. Moral of the story, see the best of the best before deciding to live wild and free and expect the life insurance money to pay for it all later.

Do you think you would ever come to terms with dying and decide to just go out and live your life despite the cost because you have a life insurance policy that will cover it all?
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