Monday, October 14, 2013

Grey's Anatomy: Puttin' on the Ritz {200th Episode}

Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy was a doozy.  And not for the drama with the characters in my opinion.  The gala event the hospital put on to raise money was pretty crazy.  But let's hit the highlights of what happened with everyone.

10 Percent
None of the board members really wanted to be at the gala event schmoozing for money.  Until Jackson told them the one that raised the most money would get 10% for their department.  Derek and Meredith were competing with each other since that's their thing now that they're both on leave for the new baby.  Cristina told Owen it would be good practice for him so he can meet someone new.  Callie was telling people that Arizona died and was pulling money in with the sympathy vote while Arizona was in a closet being upset.  We didn't actually find out who raised the most money but it wouldn't surprise me if it was Cristina since she was schmoozing like no body's business.

Shane and Stephanie were left to run the ER while everyone was at the party.  Before leaving April told them to call a grown up if they felt like they were over their head.  Stephanie wanted to at times but Shane talked her out of it and they ended up being rock stars of the ER that night.  Shane and Cristina had a moment in the operating room where Cristina praised Shane for being a shark.  What he did in the ER did remind me of something Cristina would have done as an intern so maybe we'll see a new relationship form here with Cristina as Shane's mentor?

I was once again not very happy with Richard Weber this episode.  Seriously, what is his problem?!  I thought it was genius of Bailey to put Weber together with the man who has cancer and treating it is no longer an option.  Hopefully Weber sticks with his treatment so he gets better and he can stop being a grump.

Thanks to Cristina's pushing he talked up a pretty doctor from another hospital in Seattle.  Owen wasn't really up for meeting new people but warmed up pretty quickly once he met the pretty doctor lady.  Cristina on the other hand talked tough but when she saw that Owen was actually doing what she wanted you could tell she was jealous.  Especially when the new lady friend showed up at the hospital after Cristina had asked Owen to Joe's for a drink.  This should be an interesting story line.  Will there be a love triangle in the future?

"He's your dad."
At the beginning of the episode three men came into the ER because they were high as kites and crashed their car into a tree.  One of the men in particular caught Alex's eye and you could tell just seemed to get under Alex's skin.  I knew there was more to the story.  Turns out after doing a paternity test that the guy is Alex's dad.  The worst part about it is Alex said he didn't want to know the results at the same time that Jo told him about his dad.  I'm really hoping this doesn't mean trouble in paradise for my second favorite couple.

I'm really not into this Arizona story line at all.  She was in the closest all night with April drinking champagne April stole from the gala.  Sure they had a heart to heart and what not but overall it was a snooze fest for me.

That's all I've got for ya this fine Columbus Day morning.  I'm anxious for Thursday's episode because it looks like things are going down between Cristina and Meredith which is sure to be full of drama.  And I'm really looking forward to the rest of this Alex and Jo story line with a little bit of Alex's dad thrown in.
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  1. It is so heartbreaking seeing Mer & Christina interact. I feel their relationship may be hitting the rocks!


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