Thursday, October 10, 2013

Influenster: The Good Life VoxBox

A while back I received my first ever VoxBox from Influenster.  I was really excited about receiving my first ever but then procrastination got the best of me and I ended up not really doing much with it until now.

So, what did I get in The Good Life VoxBox?

New-Skin® Liquid Bandage: Cover. Protect. Prevent. New-Skin® Liquid Bandage dries rapidly to form a tough protective cover that is antiseptic, flexible, waterproof, and lets skin breath.

ZonePerfect® Greek Yogurt Bars: Protein to help keep you in your zone and flavor to keep you happy while you're there.  Now made with the creaminess of Greek yogurt.

UrgentRx® Fast Powders: Credit card-sized packets of fast-acting flavored powder medication. No Water. Now Waiting. Just Right-Now Relief.

the Vitamin Shoppe Garcinia Cambogia: Check out the weight management product that's been getting all the buzz lately. Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit native to Southeast Asia, India, and West Africa, and may support appetite control.

Nonni's THINaddictives: This chewy crunchy cookie loaded with cranberries and almonds is a satisfying treat you can feel good about. At only 100 calories, these 3 count packs fir the bill for any snacking occasion.

And what did I think of the products?

The liquid bandage was great.  I had some cuts on my heels from some new shoes I wore and sprayed the liquid bandage over them and felt like I had to worry less about those cuts because I had a barrier between the open skin and the world around me.  I wish I had read the packaging first though because the stinging that occurred was quite the surprise!

The Greek yogurt bar did nothing for me.  I have tried Greek yogurt in the past and it doesn't agree with my taste buds.  I gave this bar a shot anyways and wasn't impressed with the taste.  I like the idea of the bar but I won't eat something for that reason alone.

I haven't actually tried the fast powders simply because I haven't had a headache and that was the one I received.  I love the concept of being able to take something for a headache without water.  This seems really convenient to have in your purse.

I didn't try the diet supplement either.  When I read that I needed to take it 30 minutes before I eat I wrote it off.  I do not eat on a set schedule and some times it's very spur of the moment so trying to take something 30 minutes before hand is just inconvenient and unlikely.  And to be honest, whether I'm "dieting" or not I'm not hungry between meals provided I eat enough at said meals.

And finally the THINaddictives are again a great idea but not for me.  I'm not a huge fan of cranberries or almonds so the taste didn't thrill me.  I would be willing to try other flavors though so if I found something my taste buds loved I would like the product more.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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