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Grey's Anatomy: "Everybody's Crying Mercy"

I'm a little late to the game this morning so I apologize.  But I hope y'all will understand that when my BFF is in town for a short while and I only get certain days to see her everything else in my mind goes blank.  Thankfully I didn't stay up half the night reading again so I was able to get my butt up early enough for a revelation in bed that I hadn't even watched Grey's Anatomy yet for this link up that I am co-hosting with the amazing Kelley from One Hot Southern Mess.  So let's get right to the Grey's Anatomy talk shall we?!

I have to say my favorite story line right now is the Alex and Jo relationship.  I mean first there's Alex and how far he has come as a person through the seasons.  He's no longer evil spawn for crying out loud!  And Jo is just awesome.  So awesome that I want to be her friend.  The fact that neither of them would make a move was cute to me and I was so happy to see her finally say something at the end of the episode.  I laughed when she said "Thank God" as Alex was carrying her upstairs over his shoulder.  I hope this works out for them!

Cristina and Owen's relationship is about the exact opposite of Alex and Jo's and it breaks my heart.  They so obviously want each other but yet they won't work.  Honestly it breaks my heart that those two can't be together.  I love Owen a lot more than I liked Burke when he was on the show.  It sucks that Cristina can never seem to have who she wants.

And staying with being chief of surgery he is the doctors' boss but at the same time the board, who is made up of doctors, is his boss.  That's one tough hat to wear.  Even though Owen is a doctor and the chief there isn't as much conflict between the two roles.  The board members on the other hand are definitely first and foremost doctors.  Being board members in addition to doctors is beyond difficult.  Way to go Owen for finding a way to play on them being doctors to finally get them together to sit down and discuss the problems the hospital is facing.  I'm anxious to see this event they put on to get money for the hospital.

And holy crap!  I cannot believe what went down between Richard Weber and Meredith.  I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor when Weber said this to Meredith,  "I didn't call you my family. I'm not your father. I chose you because I thought you could put emotions out of it and make the right call, Bailey was too weak, but I thought I could trust you to not let them operate on me when I was all but dead. Not to bring me back to life. Where I have to get my meals from a tube. I thought you wouldn't be sentimental. I was wrong. I chose the wrong person."  I'll be honest, I'm kind of pissed at Weber for what he did.  If that's why he chose Meredith he should have talked to her about it.  She didn't even know she would be in charge of his care should he not be able to answer for himself until the accident happened.  How is it fair to expect something out of someone if they didn't even know what was expected of them?  And besides Meredith not knowing, there are times in the past the Weber has been like a father figure to Meredith.  She definitely knows where she stands now though after that slap to the face.

These four story lines are the ones that stuck out to me the most during this episode.  It seemed like Jackson and April's has cooled down for the time being.  And there is Callie and Arizona's relationship that had a moment this week but it didn't grab my attention.  What did grab my attention was Murphy having to deal with whether or not to tell the husband that the patient cheated on him with his brother.  Obviously this takes us back to Callie and Arizona's relationship as Callie changed her mind about whether Murphy should tell the husband by butting in when Murphy was about to and just telling the husband simply that his wife loved him.

I hope to see all of the Grey's Anatomy fans linking up their thoughts about this episode.  The link up will be open for a week so you have plenty of time to get caught up and to write your post.

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