Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pit & Peak: 1st Link Up

I'm doing my first ever link up and I am excited for it!

Allie of Tales of a Twenty Something and Brin of Bold Butter Baby have teamed up to host the Pit & Peak.  The point is that you share the high point (peak) of your week and your low point (pit) of your week.  (Can someone help me figure out how to insert the logo [picture or I don't know what you call it] for Pit & Peak into my blog post?)

Pit ~ I had to attend a visitation for a family friend that passed away unexpectedly.  I babysat two of her grandkids while I was in middle and the early years of high school.  It is never easy to lose someone but to unexpectedly lose someone is a bit tougher since there is no warning and no time to wrap your head around the fact that it will happen.  I am certainly not saying that knowing you will lose someone is any easier so I hope you don't interpret what I said in that way.

Peak ~ I seem to have fallen in love with blogging.  I have done the most posting ever in my now 4th blog this past week.  I also became sponsors for some lovely ladies so I hope to have some more exposure to gain some new readers.  Please say hi to these lovely ladies; Lex of Life by Lex, Rebekah of All That Glitters, and Allie of Tales of a Twenty Something.

Talk to me...

What is one of your peaks of the week?

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