Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pit & Peak: Week 2


I'm linking up again with Tales of a Twenty Something and Bold Butter Baby for Pit & Peak.

The rules for Pit & Peak are to write a post about the Pit (low part) and Peak (high part) of your week, grab the button (see above), and link up your post on one of the posts done by the lovely hosts.  Easy enough right?


I've thought about it since last night (when I meant to do this post) and I really couldn't come up with something I thought was really a low point of my week.  I'm definitely not complaining about that though and am incredibly thankful for that.  So I chose the fact that I weighed in 0.7 of a pound heavier this week for my weigh in as my pit.  This is definitely something that is in my control though so I'm not going to stay too bummed out about it.


The peak of my week actually last all week long for me.  I was able to observe and learn how to do something new at work.  It helped the days go by faster which was awesome.  And now that I have observed for a week I will get to do the new task this week with someone supervising me.  I am more than ready to be doing more at my job so I am pretty happy about this.

Talk to me...

What was one of your peaks for the week?

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