Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pit & Peak Exes, Headaches & Girls Night Out


It's that time of the week again for Pit & Peak with Tales of a Twenty Something & Bold Butter Baby!

The rules for Pit & Peak are to write a post about the Pit (low part) and Peak (high part) of your week, grab the button (see above), and link up your post on one of the posts done by the lovely hosts.  Easy enough right?


I kind of have two pits this week.

The first one being Monday I found out my ex (2+ years ago the relationship ended) is "in a relationship".  Can someone please explain to me why this made me feel so down when I found out?!  It definitely didn't help that it's that time of the month (TMI?) for me so I'm a little extra emotional.  I have been single these last two years with two guys that I thought there would be something with but of course men were men and what started out well didn't end well for me.  Not huge heartbreak but just "ugh, why are men like that?!" feelings of disappointment.

The second pit being that I seem to get a headache every afternoon at work.  I wish I knew what was causing these headaches other than work.  I'm thinking it may be the super warm temperature of the room I work in all day every day.  I have no idea how I am going to figure out what the cause is, or what I would do if I did figure it out if it's something that I cannot change.


My peak for the week is I made plans to go out with one of my good friends either tonight or tomorrow night.  We haven't seen each other in a couple of weeks now so it will be good to see her and have some drinks.  Also, I need a good girls night out thanks to above mentioned pit of the week involving the ex.

Talk to me...

What was one of your peaks for the week?

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