Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Goals

Happy New Year!!


Time seems to have flown by lately.  It feels like just yesterday it was December 19th and now we're already 5 days into January.  But none the less I am setting some goals for the year.  Not resolutions exactly but just some things I would like to achieve during the next 12 months.


1. Pay off student loans by December 31, 2013 - During my job interview I was asked where I saw myself in a year.  One of my answers was that I hoped to have most of my student loans paid off.  I was told that is a pretty lofty goal.  But after sitting down with my mom (who has a better head for math than I do) I figured out that not only is paying off most of my student loans attainable but I can actually pay off my student loans by the end of the year!


2. Lose 50 pounds to reach my goal weight by December 18, 2013 - I have been "trying to lose weight" for years now and am sadly farther from my goal than when I started.  I have decided to make my one of my goals for the year to reach my goal weight because enough is enough!  I need to stop making excuses and start doing what needs to be done.  I was further sparked to make this one of my goals for 2013 after reading about Lex's 2013 - A Year About Me post.  Essentially she has challenged herself to make 2013 the year about herself and her health, something I need to do as well.  She has goals for each month set and rewards, plus an additional reward if she exceeds her goals.  I have not decided if I will be doing that myself but will definitely keep you posted if I choose to do so.


3. Get organized! -  This final goal of mine for 2013 took a while to come to me since I feel I am pretty horrible at setting goals for myself (probably thanks to never following through on what needs to be done to reach those goals).  I am now a college graduate with nothing to worry my pretty little mind about once I am done with work each day so I have no excuse for the state of my room or bathroom that I mainly use.  I need to get organized!  Not only in the home but also in finances as I would like to sometime in the future move out and purchase a new car.  I've already started that process with setting up a budget and paying off my loans (see #1) by the end of the year.


Three goals are enough for me, any more and I am afraid I will be overwhelmed and things just won't happen.  I own a copy of The Spark which I seemed to have misplaced (see, I need to get organized) but once I locate it I plan to re-read the section about goals and setting them because there was some really useful stuff in there about how to break down long-term goals into medium and short-term ones that help you achieve the long-term ones (I NEED this!).


Another (unofficial) goal of mine is to be a better blogger.  It never ceases to amaze me how into blogging I am but how horrible I am at it.  I want to post a least once a week.  That should not be hard.  Like I said, I have nothing to worry about outside of work now that school is done so I should have no reason to not make a once a week blog post happen.


Talk to me...

What are your goals for 2013?

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